Silicone greases

Covering the surface with a thin layer of silicone PTFE Naskosil silicone grease ensures maximum friction reduction and prolonged protection of the device. The grease is designed for use on contact surfaces made of plastic, metal, ceramics, rubber wood and many more. High physical and chemical parameters ensure easy distribution of the ultra thin film on the lubricated surface.

Specification (depending on type of grease):
White color
Density: 1,25 g/cm3
Operating temperature range: -50℃ do 230℃
Dielectric (does not conduct electricity)
Grease is certified by the National Institute of Public Health
The coefficient of friction depends on the amount of Teflon in the grease
Prevents the freezing of moving mechanisms and freezing of closely working elements
Prevents corrosion of metal parts
Thanks to the appropriate density, it is ideally suited for vertical surfaces

Example usage:
Naskosil grease can be used in the automotive, printing, textile, paper, food, all types of sanitary appliances and outdoor electrical appliances, and can also be used for tourist equipment maintenance. Our grease is perfect for protecting such components as: traditional and lever valves, gaskets, connectors, taps, valves, joints, armor links, locks, hinges, bushings, bolts and more. Naskosil can be used in the case of contact with tap water, as confirmed by the National Institute of Public Health.

Greases we pack in different types of packaging according to your needs.